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Hi there, my name is Samantha Hay (surprise, surprise) and I
am a freelance graphic designer. I studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Sydney, Australia and promptly made the obligatory two year working holiday trip to London, UK and stayed there for the next 6 years.

I freelanced my way though the major publishing houses of London,
IPC Media, the National Magazine House and Condé Nast before finding
my home in custom publishing at Publicis Blueprint. I worked here
for several years as Art Editor before relocating to New York
right at the start of the financial meltdown!

In New York I have been working on various projects, freelancing in the fashion industry, creating look books and press kits and designing graphics for an urban street wear company. I am currently completing a certificate course in Web Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology and look forward to exploring this new design skill set.

**** Thank you for taking a peek at my website.****